Saturday 24th September 2011
10am - 3pm
Breakfast served from 9:30am and Afternoon Tea served at 3pm (lunch included) - There will be a social gathering at from 6:30pm at the Pitcher and Piano bar on Newcastle Quayside followed by a teacheat!
Cramlington Learning Village (NE23 6BN)

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This free unconference is a mashup of show&tell and teachmeet with a longer talk, resource sharing and lunch thrown in! People interested in language learning in its myriad of forms are welcome to come along and meet likeminded individuals, share what they do in the classroom and come away with some great ideas to enhance language learning.

So why MFLSat+ ? well if Google can do it, then so can we! Building on the success of previous MFL Saturdays, we are going to add in a couple of surprise elements as well as the show and tell...

If you fancy getting up and sharing an idea, a resource, a pedagogical approach or even a song, please sign up below. Your presentation can last anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, so don't be shy! If you just wish to lurk enthusiastically, that is fine too, just sign up below!

  1. Dominic McGladdery - 10 ideas in 10 minutes @dominic_mcg
  2. Clare Seccombe @vallesecoReading books with KS1 and KS2
  3. Samantha Lunn @spanishsam -Routines in the MFL classroom
  4. Alex Bellars @bellaalea trio of Os... (changed my mind!)
  5. Joe Dale @joedaleExploring the educational potential of QR codes
  6. Rene Koglbauer @rene_koglbauerSocial Networks in MFL teaching
  7. Terri Dunne @misstdunneBlockbusters - not just a one trick pony!
  8. Mark Purves @markpurvesThe singing tribe - MFL group dynamics
  9. Amanda Salt, @amandasaltSpeak, eat, sleep Spanish - an immersion residential
  10. Alex Blagona @blagonaGetting students to 'mark' our lessons.
  11. bernard.brown@talktalk.net ??? Radicallideas on German grammar and/or dictionaries ???
  12. Lynn Smith Thinking skills
  13. Thomas Snell, Language Learning Resources available from Newcastle University
  14. Suzi Bewell suzibewell Speaking for homework in MFL using www.vocaroo.com
  15. Simon McLoughlin @simcloughlin'Je m'appelle Claude' - A Quick intro to Audioboo.fm
  16. Emma Bains bains_1 small changes to curriculum to improve motivation
  17. Isabelle Jones @icpjones (via Adobe Connect)-Creative Partnerships with Art and Music

Genius Bar
Imagine , if you will, individuals at a table willing to spend 5 minutes to give you hands on experiences of something they are passionate about in terms of teaching and learning. Like a show and tell but with a small group of people (4/5 max). Giving those people the opportunity to see how you use a teaching and learning methodology/software/hardware/resource and giving them the chance to sign up/have a go/ask questions.This is a genius bar and we hope to have as many as possible running concurrently at times during the day so as to maximise coverage and allow people to personalise their learning. If you wish to sign up for this, you will be acting as a facilitator in order to get people engaged with your idea and up and running with it in 5 minutes - think guide on the side rather than sage on the stage! (please feel free to present above and sign up to lead a genius bar session).
  1. Fiona Joyce - Storybird in 5 minutes @wizenedcrone
  2. Joe Dale - Podcasting with Posterous @joedale
  3. Amanda Salt, @amandasalt- twitter for beginners
  4. Chris Harte - "hexagons, SOLO and the brave world of thinking grammar" @charte
  5. Peter Hirst - "every1speaks" capturing learner voice
  6. Simon McLoughlin - @simcloughlin A practical intro to Audioboo.fm
  7. Mark Purves @markpurves answering any questions about MfL, singing and classroom dynamics
  8. Alex Blagona @blagona - harnessing the power of the Dropbox.
  9. Emma Bains @bains_1 - using a scavenger hunt in reading comprehension
  10. Marie O'Sullivan @reesiepie - Co-operative learning structures for beginners.

Enthusiastic Lurkers
  1. Simon McLoughlin @simcloughlin
  2. Lauren Crawley @misscrawleymfl
  3. Steve Bunce @stevebunce(pm only unfortunately)
  4. Jess White @littlejessw
  5. Jim McElwee
  6. Abi Palmer @abibornand
  7. Samantha Feeley @skfeeley
  8. Issac Greaves @issacgreaves
  9. Jacqui Turner @lovelinkous
  10. Alison Smith @MFLtweet
  11. Becky Porritt @missRCP
  12. Isabelle Jones @icpjones (via Adobe Connect)-Creative Partnerships with Art and Music
  13. Régine Schneider
  14. Julia Wilson
  15. Rosemary Hicks
  16. Marie O'Sullivan @reesiepie (will think about presenting if there's time)
  17. Ruth O'Rourke @routesaroo
  18. Keith Magee
  19. Cynthia Tavars
  20. Sue Cosgrove
  21. Lynda Leyson
  22. Tatiana Lymar
  23. Pauline Bailes
  24. Gabriella Debreczeni @LinguistaEs
  25. Sarah Thompson
  26. Ashley Bartlam
  27. Louise Hollis
  28. Helen Dallin @Mlle_Helen_D
  29. Tricia Davies
  30. Emma Chicken
  31. Emma Bains @bains_1
  32. Susan Parker
  33. Jessica Fogarty
  34. Anna Bingham
  35. Andrew Norton @norton_provirus
  36. Paula Wilson
  37. Tom Maskell
  38. Rachael Flood
  39. Eleanor Gordon @missegordon (Also thinking about presenting...)
  40. Toni Hargreaves
  41. Angela Kelly
  42. Christine Jones Christine.jones@unityacademy.org.uk
  43. Amy Martin
  44. Nick Johnston @routesne
  45. Liz McLeman
  46. Marleny Jimenez
  47. Luz Maria Tyley
  48. Beth Priestley (lurking until hockey match at 1pm)
  49. Daniela Keller
  50. Alex Pallister
  51. Matt Hornsby
  52. Becky Hobbs
  53. Angela Anthony
  54. Lauren Cox
  55. Matt Nicholson
  56. Stephanie Downs
  57. Cheryl Mackay (happy to be lurking again)
  58. Julie Wilson
  59. Sarah Thompson
  60. Sophie Anjam
  61. Wiebke Hartig
  62. Abigail Duggan
  63. Astrid Ivkin

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Enthusiastic Virtual Lurkers
  1. Helen Myers @HelenMyers Would rather be there 'face to face', but looking forward to experimenting in the Adobe Connect room to enable others to join in! I will organise some surprise elements here too. (Like crashing at an unexpected moment probably .....!) Will organise a second life party for Fri or Sat night if you want! (Outfits, dances and music provided free with an EDOL theme!) If you want help with setting up an account, contact me and I'll introduce you to @KareliaKondorwho will set you up!
  2. Isabelle Jones @icpjones So upset I can't make it due to school commitments... Really looking forward to lurking online in the afternoon to see what you are all up to!
  3. Vanessa Burns @nessalovesshoes
  4. Stacey Corken
  5. Lynne Horn Would love to be there but too far to do on a weekend in term time, hope to join in virtually for a while!
  6. Annalise Adam @thwartedmum so sorry not to make it due to family commitments, will lurk online in between appointments!
  7. Saira Ghani @sghani so sorry not to be there due to unforseen family commitments. Hope to be able to watch at least some of it.
  8. Issac Greaves @IssacGreaves Workload not permitting, msg me if you would like .ppt of findings of the CLIL project I carried out.

Social dimension: There will be a signup sheet at the event for those who wish to go out or drinks and/or dinner on Saturday night. We will meet in the Pitcher and Piano bar on the Newcastle side of the Millenium Bridge from 6:30pm onwards. It is an easy walk from either Gateshead, Central or Monument Metro stations and definitely worth walking to with beautiful views of the river, the Blatic art gallery, the Sage and the bridges!

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If you have time to stay for the weekend Northumberland is a beautiful region for lovers of countryside, beaches, castles, churches etc.
Email __steven.fawkes@gmail.com__ if you would like advice on a places to visit.

Travel Plans
Terri - Coming in with Alex and Alex.
Clare - Coming from Washington, so can pick people up from Newcastle or airport
Sam - coming from Preston. Will gladly car share.
Lauren - will be coming from Hull, car or train. Happy to car share.
Alex Blagona - anyone going from the south (or east?)
Claire Hampson - prob driving up sat morning from Northallerton if any good to anyone?
Jess White - coming from York so either train or drive. Happy to give a lift if anyone wants to brave my driving!
Alex Bellars - driving up from Hampshire (yeah, I know), with Joe Dale and probably Blaggers! Woohoo!
Issac Greaves - going to ask Claire Hampson if it would be convenient to car/petrol share :0) Otherwise happy to car share from Stockton. Also could host but only have an air bed in Stockton...
Jacqui Turner - happy to host someone Fri / Sat or both and can drive up to 3.
Saira Ghani - will probably get train from Reading, though think that means I'll have to come up on the Friday night.
Julia - Driving from Milton Keynes - room for two people (it'll be an early start!)
Rosemary- I have spare rooms if anyone wants to come up Friday. Live in Marske about 1 hour from Newcastle.
Ruth & Keith - driving in from Newcastle (could pick up from Newcastle Central en route if anyone is in need); we have a spare bed at our, ahem, 'palatial' residence in Fenham.
Emma Bains - on the train arrive at newcastle central at 9.40 if there is anyone passing by? if not will try bus / taxi

Travel plans - if you want to share travel with someone, add your travel plans and see if we can share car journeys, get a train together or give lifts from the airport. Cramlington Learning Village has ample parking, is 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from Newcastle Central Station. There are trains and buses from Newcastle Central to Cramlington, then the school is a 10 minute walk from the train station.